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teaching philosophy

My goal as an art educator is to combine my passion for shepherding the next generation with my passion for creating. I desire to transfer the great joy of expressing and experiencing art to students through engaging lessons within a safe environment. I personally enjoy painting, illustrating, paper making, and exploring new artistic avenues and mediums. I believe that art can be taught by creating a secure space in which the elements and  principles of art are emphasized and practiced, self-expression is encouraged, critique and use of artistic vernacular is strengthened, and observation is foundational. It is essential to encourage said observation through the study of the world around us, the study of those  currently creating, and the study of those who previously created significant works. It is my job as a teacher to cultivate and encourage students to explore and practice creativity by taking a closer look at not only their surroundings and history, but also showing them the process of creating art itself. I believe that studying and practicing art aids in critical thinking and problem solving throughout life. I have been incredibly blessed to have a career of practicing art for the past ten years, which has greatly impacted my view of the world. Ultimately, I hope I can mentor the next generation to do the same. 

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