Jane Randall Cleek was born in Alabama in 1985 and grew up on a farm in the east central area of the state.  The granddaughter of an artist, and the great-granddaughter of a Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist, Jane has always felt called to a creative endeavor herself. Jane graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Art History and has spent the last ten years exploring varying artistic endeavors. She now spends her creative energies focused solely on painting. Through her paintings, Jane seeks to realistically record the details of the various subjects she renders. A careful observer of the small details in her environments, she has always felt that details are foundational to better understanding and processing the world around her. By studying the details in her works, Jane hopes this invites the viewer to slow down enough to study the details in his or her own world as well. Currently, she is working on a colorful series of still life paintings depicting her children’s toys as an ode to parenthood, childhood, and the joys found alongside the chaos of life. Jane currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and four young children. She enjoys spending her days with her family and creating various commissions and personal works


J A N E .

artist statement

As a visual artist, I aspire to communicate an awe for life. Through rendering various everyday objects, I seek to celebrate humanity found in the mundane and the chaos of everyday existence. My vibrant palette and realistic renderings draw attention to and provoke personal connection to the objects themselves. Additionally, my arrangement of these hues is to be reminiscent of a rainbow to evoke an innocence and hope towards humanity. I elect to paint these subjects from uncommon still life vantage points to encourage viewing things differently when the surroundings seem uncontrollable, unavoidable, or banal. The goodness of life can be found all around us, and ultimately my intention is to communicate this through my works.