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My name is Jane Randall Cleek and I am the artist of JANE SWEET JANE studio.  And no, as my children and husband will tell you, I am not always sweet.  But, I sure do try to be and I sure do hope that my art provides a small dose of sweetness for your visual pleasure.  As a mother by day and artist by nap times and night, nothing I create is short of full effort.  From realism to abstract, my painting preferences are a lot like my life in that they change often so you will see a little bit of everything around here…

I am a military spouse and after 7 years of being “on the move”, my family now lives in Mississippi where we plan to stay for some time. Being that we are stationary for a bit, I am earning my Masters in Fine Art from Mississippi College. While my little artist life in the Deep south is busy as a working artist, as a mother of four young children, as a spouse to an active military soldier, and now as a graduate student, it is a lot like the people and foods around me…sweet as ever.

Stay sweet y’all….

Thank you again for visiting.

J A N E.  


J A N E .

artist statement

Some paint things to represent truth and details and reality. And some paint pure abstractions that are open-ended for interpretation.  For me my paintings do not consistently exist in either of these camps. Perhaps you could say that I straddle the fence between these two dichotomies. Rather, my paintings exist to represent both of these camps.  My life is ever changing. I paint realism artworks as a practice of remembering exactly what a specific moment looked like in my life and to be hyper obserant.  And in doing so, it is my hope that one would take a moment to study their life a little more closely and with heightened awareness too. But, in the same way that my life is ever changing, I also paint abstract works to represent the “dance” of my life as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and student. And again, in doing so it is my hope that one can dance along too.  Life does not always have to be "one or the other". My journey as an artist is to show this to the viewer: one can live in the literal and the abstract and hopefully find enjoyment in both.


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